Yacht Scuba Safety assists in establishing SCUBA operations & safety procedures for Superyachts that offer and participate in SCUBA diving activities. As well as establishing SSI or PADI Superyacht dive centers on board.


Yacht Scuba Safety Consultants are on hand to assess your current SCUBA procedures and standards, as well as recommend the best plan for your crew and vessel. We can assist with current operations, new builds and also during re-fit.

We also work directly with SSI & PADI to assist in the creation of SSI or PADI registered Superyacht dive centers on board private and chartered vessels.

Customized operations

Following our initial audit of your dive set up we customize your yacht specific operations & procedures manual to standardize your diving and in turn ensure safety and service are of the highest level. We base our 2-day team-training program on your new procedures.

Team Training

Building a solid, competant and reliable SCUBA crew is our specialty. We tailor our training programs to suit individual vessel requirements as well as provide follow up assessments and re-training if necessary. There are many benefits to increasing the level of safety and team work on board vessels, one of which is creating a team that compliments each other in their indiviual roles.

Dive Guide/ Ops Managers

Yacht Scuba Safety provides some of the finest dive guides in the world, we have a team of extremely experienced instructors as well as a wonderful team of passionate marine biologists. Our ability to send the perfect guide to assist your deck crew in providing high class dive services will impress both owners and guests. We can also assist in the temporary management of dive operations on board.

How safe are your SCUBA operations on board your vessel or even on board rendezvous dives?

Yacht Scuba Safety provides SCUBA risk assessments as well as crew assessments to assist in improving all aspects of SCUBA safety.

We also assist in the establishment of registered SSI or PADI Superyacht dive centers on board, removing any insurance issues you may have had in the past.

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