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Yacht SCUBA Safety


    Our cinematography department is headed by a highly regarded, stand alone film-maker with expertise in cinematic docu-films from the planning and pre-production, on-location shooting, post production editing and delivery of high quality, full HD, broadcast standard video. Sub-aquatic & terrestrial services are available.

      Media suit design

      If you’re planning on having on site media capabilities on your yacht, you need to consider various things to ensure productivity is streamlined, your budget realistic, limited space is maximised, software and hardware suit your needs and most importantly, that you are neither under or over prepared for your needs.

        Media production

        We can help you develop the skills to capture high quality video and stills by teaching you the technical aspects of how to capture what you want in the best possible way, but more than that, we can assist you in understanding how to make your creative vision effective, engaging and professional. 

        Demo Reel

        Scarlet View Media

        We are great at what we do

        From our short films headlining international film-festivals to our marine conservation broadcast PSAs, our feature length films and commercial promotional productions, we have earned the respect and admiration of audiences and clients alike around the globe. We don’t just know what we are talking about, we know how to work with people with a friendly, open and enthusiastic approach.

        We don’t assume, we don’t rush and we don’t cut corners. We love working with people and we are confident you will love working with us!


        A Ray of Light

        Core Services

        • Cinematography

          If you have an idea for a commercial promo, you want a trip capturing for posterity, a course DVD or Blu-Ray or you simply want a memento of a few days adventure, we’ll not only create it for you, but we will do it to broadcast quality as standard. Using broadcast equipment and software, we can elevate a “video” into something far more cinematic. Full HD capture, colour correction, cinematic film grade, audio design, license free bespoke soundtrack, we cover it all and deliver on a variety of formats, USB sticks, online-stream ready files, DVD or Blu-Ray, if you want that impact video to separate you from the crowd, we are the people to make it happen.

        • Video training

          Got an adventure on the horizon that you want to capture for posterity as a high quality production? Want to learn how to get those tricky shots underwater? Got footage but you don’t know where to start with editing and post production?
          We can help. Whatever your gear, we can help you get the best out of it and get you producing videos that not only look great, but sound great and engage your audience, no more overly long and boring home movies for you!
          We specialise in taking the novice and giving you the knowledge and skills to figure out for yourself how to get the killer shots and edit them together in a high quality package. We go at your pace, we teach you the technical terms and what your camera is actually capable of and aim to inspire you to self develop.

        • Media suit design

          If you’re serious about setting up part of your vessel in which you can create, edit and deliver media projects and productions, we can advise you on the essentials you need to streamline your workflow and make the process as enjoyable and easy as possible. From edit suites to codecs, cameras to hard drives and everything in between, we’ll advise you on what you need to get you up and running.
          We’re not the salesmen, we’re the people who make them unnecessary…

        • Photography

          Maybe you’d like some high quality photos to promote your yacht for charters or some candid shots of a special voyage? We provide hi-res print quality still images with a speciality in capturing the candid, photojournalist style images of the moments that make a voyage memorable.