Captain Janusz Walinski MY Roma…

MY RomaBrad Robertson and his Yacht Scuba Safety Team has turned MY RoMa fun diving crew into Organized Diving Operation ready to take our charter guests to underwater world.

In the capable hands of Yacht Scuba Safety we were certified and trained. We are now certified PADI SUPERYACHT DIVING CENTER ready to offer competitive service to our guests. I can recommend highly Scuba Yacht Safety to any Yacht who wants to organize and improve their diving operations. What you learn with Brad Robertson will be exactly what you need to provide your guests with, taylor made diving service equal to your overall Superyacht standard.

MY ROMAThank you Brad.

Captain Glen McDonnell MY Vava…

Vava BahamasOndine Escape were engaged by M.Y. Vava to formulate a safe diving program for our operations on board Vava which has proven to be a very significant addition to our Safe Operations when engaging in diving activities. We were informed in 2013 that Vava would be engaged on behalf of our owners foundation to visit the Chagos islands in the Indian Ocean for some scientific research involving a very intensive dive program. Brad and Nick brought to my attention that they could formulate a specific customised safe operations manual for Vava under the title of the Yacht Scuba Safety program. Given that we have had limited diving activity in recent years but carry a full complement of dive gear I agreed to their proposal and am more than satisfied with the results.

Both Nick and Brad visited Vava on a number of occasions to assess the platform, equipment and the relative experience of our dive team so that they could formulate a Vava-specific manual of operations plus identify any areas that needed to be addressed to ensure our visit to the Chagos and Indian Ocean would be completed with maximum awareness and safety. The result was a comprehensive manual of operations for the greater range of potential dive experiences we would encounter which was tailored for the limitations of the equipment we have on board plus the relative experience of the divers.  

 Working from a generic structure and tailoring the program specifically for Vava produced a very comprehensive manual of operations that includes numerous aids such as check lists and general dive safety information. Given that diving is not an everyday activity on board it is a great aid to have the manual as a refresher for safe operations and also to ensure that all dive activities are conducted with due consideration to the risks of the activity.MY Vava

Both Brad and Nick completed some entertaining on board training for our dive team, worked through the safe upkeep and maintenance of our dive station and brought to our crew a level of awareness and confidence in dive ops in the lead up to our departure for the Indian Ocean. At all times they both displayed a broad knowledge of diving ops and a vast skills base which in itself embodies the principles of enjoyment and safety in diving.

Given the remote nature of the Chagos islands, the potential risks, and the sheer volume of dives that were required, this preparation was integral to what became a very successful mission. Our 10 day stop in the Chagos which included over 50 x 2 man working dives was hugely successful and completed at all times within the boundaries of the safe operations outlined in the manual. We operated within the formulated protocols and were able to complete all of the work with confidence.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Ondine team as it is reassuring to have their knowledge and assistance in managing a successful dive program on a yacht.